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Pro-family groups worried as gay divorce rates soar
Social conservatives opposed to gay unions have called on homosexuals experiencing marital difficulties to stay together in a bid to
33rd coup lucky, says new Haitian leader
[Edition 83] Temporary Haitian leader Yvon Neptune has dismissed speculation that the ousting of President Aristide will further plunge the
Bush finally accounts for lost time in National Guard: “I was drunk and high”
[Edition 82] President Bush has denied going AWOL from the National Guard, and has instead revealed that he spent six
Vigorous Oscar campaign nets ‘The Hot Chick’ zero nominations
[Edition 82] The Academy’s members declined to recognize the Rob Schneider film, which centres on a sleazy loser who is
Atkins confounds critics: loses 10 kg in 7 days after death
[Edition 82] In the wake of Atkins’ example, many of his devoted followers are committing suicide in a bid to
BUSH STARTS WEAPONS INQUIRY: “Who supplied the faulty intelligence I asked for?”
[Edition 80] WASHINGTON D.C., Wednesday: George Bush will set up a Presidential Commission to investigate the decision to go to
Conspiracy theorist thinks failure of Beagle 2 was staged
[Edition 80] “There’s no way something like that could happen,” scoffed leading UFOlogist Warren Murst. “The British are just so
Journalist fills space by identifying a false national trend
[Edition 80] Nebulous comparisons to the past are increasingly being used to waste column centimetres, Age journalist Ryan Harrison said.
Gay man agrees some of his best friends are homophobic
A suburban homosexual has conceded that many of his best friends have a deep aversion to his sexuality
SADDAM CAUGHT: US promises fair show trial
[Edition 79] BAGHDAD, Thursday: US President George W. Bush has assured the world that the newly captured Saddam Hussein will