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Hackers infect Microsoft computers with mysterious Windows virus
[Edition 30] SEATTLE, Thursday: Shame-faced workers at Microsoft admitted today that hackers had succeeded in penetrating their network’s defences and
Liz Hurley rebukes Actors’ Guild: “I’m no actor!”
[Edition 30] LOS ANGELES, Friday: Liz Hurley has responded angrily to claims by actors that she crossed a picket line
Chess Seeks Youth Market: “Xtreme Chequerboarding” launched
[Edition 29] Several years ago, the look-out was grim. Falling attendance at tournaments, dropping sales of chess-sets and reports of
Beazley says Defence Bill ‘Really useful in quelling incredibly violent Olympics’
[Edition 29] CANBERRA, Wednesday: The Opposition leader Mr Kim Beazley has expressed his enormous relief at Labor’s role in rushing
A few more years of civilised brutality will advantage Aborigines: Ruddock
[Edition 29] CANBERRA, Tuesday: The Minister for Reconciliation Philip Ruddock has defended his comments to French newspaper Le Monde claiming
World leaders agree on new key principles to ignore
[Edition 28] NEW YORK, Monday: Last- minute drinks at the UN Millennium conference have led to the inclusion of several
Drug market captured by new ‘stronger’ placebo
[Edition 27] FLORIDA, Thursday: Drug company Pfizer, well known for its impotence drug Viagra, has again captured the US drug
Gays announce hijack of new words
[Edition 27] SYDNEY, Friday: In a move confirming the worst fears of conservatives, representatives of the gay community today announced
Terrorists plan to steal medical grade plutonium: ‘Could cure the fuck out of thousands’
[Edition 27] LUCAS HEIGHTS, Friday: Nuclear experts are attempting to work out what terrorists in New Zealand were planning to
Obituary: Vladimir Putin 1953 – 2000, Former President of Russia
[Edition 27] Putin was not a quintessential Russian politician (his official biography at the Kremlin web-site, for example, lists him