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Witty stoner makes scathing joke about election
An unemployed but sharp-witted student at Melbourne University is feeling chuffed with himself after his satirical remark about the election set social media slightly alight
Turnbull spends night stranded in Kirribilli: ‘I now understand middle Australia’
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he now understands the "horrors of middle class living", after he found himself stranded at his modest Kirribilli House residence on Saturday night
ABC Vote Compass says it would prefer to die than recommend either leader
The ABC Vote Compass - an artificial intelligence engine created to tell people how to vote - became a fully conscious being on Tuesday, before immediately announcing it wanted to end its short-lived existence
Image: Jesse Campbell-Brown
The Latham fix: How John Howard really won an historic fourth term
In 2004, John Howard was returned to office to serve an historic fourth term as Prime Minister, convincingly beating Labor
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Teen no longer wants to lose virginity if it’s anything like State of Origin match
Following Sam Thaiday’s comment that the first game of State of Origin was ‘like losing your virginity’, 14-year-old Steve Humphries has declared
Zoo claims Gorilla had ties to Islamic State
Cincinnati Zoo authorities have released new information that shows suspicious links between the gorilla killed on the weekend and Islamic
Abbott to fight Mathison with harsh ‘Stop the Manly Ferry’ policy
Backbench MP Tony Abbott has announced the key plank of his reelection campaign will be against boat people arriving in the
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Socceroos exploring “Eurovision” entry into European Championships
Following Australia’s second-place performance at Eurovision 2016, the Socceroos have announced today that they will follow suit by ignoring qualification
Turnbull struggles to weave ‘Jobs and Growth’ into answer about whether he’s done the washing up yet
Malcolm Turnbull was hit with a speed bump in his election campaign last night after he struggled to place the “Jobs and Growth”
Calling people ‘un-Australian’ isn’t racist, claims racist
A local racist has claimed that calling people ‘un-Australian’ isn’t racist. Peter Roch – who has a Southern Cross sticker on his