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The Chaser’s Guide to the Australian Films of 2016
The industry is holding out that 2016 will be the year for gritty $40,000 films set in the suburbs starring David Field
6 flashing gifs only epileptics won’t enjoy
Sometimes after a hard days work, all we really want to do is just veg out on the couch with a few flashing gifs, and who could blame you. Well thanks to some absolute genius on twitter called @dailyFlasher, we can now all get our daily gif fix delivered straight to our twitter stream while we send anonymous abuse to women!
Handing Out Free Money
Just how determined are the public to avoid getting handed freebies on the street? The Chaser’s Craig Reucassel took it
Vlad the Juggler
“Oh thank god, it’s just Vlad the Juggler&#
Credit: Jesse Campbell-Brown
Forgotten Moments in Australian History: The Founding of Canberra
Australia’s capital relocated from Melbourne to Canberra in 1927. But why was it moved? And why Canberra? We reveal the
A note from The Chaser’s Chief Financial Officer (pro tem)
Following the disappearance of The Chaser’s Chief Financial Officer, the following statement was issued in the latest issue of The Chaser
St. Patrick’s Day
“Look kids! Jolly St. Patrick came and drank your beers and filled your spew bags!&#
"I've tried English, I've tried shouting in English - I'm out of ideas!"
Jeb Bush Wins Participation Award at Iowa Caucus
Republican delegates in the Iowa’s primary on Monday decided unanimously to award Jeb Bush the coveted Participation Award
Merry Christmas
“It combines my love of Christmas with my hatred of people who don’t look like me.&#