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United Airlines reassures American public that the passenger “looked foreign”
A spokesperson for United stressed that the passenger, Dr Dao, “looked very foreign, he always has a very foreign sounding name.”
Queensland State Emergency Service’s entire Twitter feed directed at people cut off from Twitter
The SES has been sending constant updates of information and support, which have been retweeted by thousands of people unaffected by the massive Cyclone Debbie
Queensland stoner who has bunkered down in basement is completely unaware there is a cyclone overhead
Bowen-based stoner, Darren Hutchinson has launched a stinging attack on the Queensland arm of the Dominos Pizza, accusing the food delivery
Federal Treasurer furious with millennial for not being 55 yet
"I can't believe she doesn't own her own house and have at least one negatively geared investment property."
“Norway happiest country in the world” says bullshit survey
A worldwide study released today reported that a country where sunlight is seasonal and their greatest delicacy is rotten fish, is apparently the happiest in the world
Mike Baird takes job at NAB to spend less time with family
Former NSW Premier Mike Baird has enthusiastically accepted a job at the National Australia Bank as chief customer officer, in order
Abbott condemns Turnbull’s abysmal “Abbott-like” term as PM
"If I'm given as second chance as PM, I'll stop the boats, cut the waste, and knight Queen Elizabeth II"
Cafe owner fiercely supports the scrapping of penalty rates he’d never paid anyway
Local café owner Brent Morrow is this morning jubilant after the Fair Work Commission scrapped penalty rates which he’d never adhered to
Amazing! Man takes photo of himself everyday for 10 years and the results are just what you’d expect
A 25 year old from Michigan has just released online a personal project that took him 10 years to complete.
Christmas lunch shortened to five minutes to allow more time for family arguments
"We figured why not just get all the racism done in one hit"